The 30th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Conference Venue

The 30th PACLIC will be held in Seoul campus of Kyung Hee University, which is located in the downtown of Seoul, Republic of Korea.

About Kyung Hee University (Link / Download a printable version)

Since its founding, Kyung Hee University has pursued the Kyung Hee Spirit of "Scholarship and Peace" as well as the founding principle of "creating a civilized world." For the past 62 years, the University has developed remarkably, contributing to the fulfillment of a "cultural world for humanity" as the leader of the future of academics and the creator of common values for humanity. In particular, the past five years have witnessed notable growth and a rise in the University's stature through forward-looking and adventurous endeavors in education, research, public service, and praxis.

Campus Map (Download a larger map)